My name is Gürkan Yeniçeri. I am living in Canberra and making cheeses since 2009 March. Since than, I self published a Turkish cheese making book, writing another Turkish cheese making blog, writing a second intermediate book about cheese making and also doing gardening, beekeeping and Aikido.

Cheese wheel

I am married with two beautiful kids and responsible every bite that go into their mouth. I am highly supportive of small and artisanal producers and always try to buy local if not organic.

Camemberts at their early stage
Camemberts at their early stage

Making cheese at home is one of my passions but I am also making salami and cured meat products and recently reading about mushroom cultivation. So if you see posts about beekeeping, gardening, mushrooms don’t be upset.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Gürkan,
    I just found your link via Little Green Cheese and thought I’d like to get in touch with you.
    I live on an organic farm with my husband (and our 5 kids). We have Jersey cows (recently acquired, before we had holsteins but we sold them last spring to change to a more rustic race
    of cows that have more cream and are better where as to the quality of the milk. Since then, I make a much better yogurt, am perfecting my butter and make with the yogurt, nice soft yogurt cheese with garlic (and herbs). I would like to start making other cheeses though but my principal problem is lack of confidence! Could you advise me on one cheese that I could start with that would be a sure “winner” and help me to gain that confidence in myself? I have one book, but I haven’t yet got into it, and I also got a recipe from a friend of mine who makes goat cheese and sells it at our local market! But it’s just the first move…. We also have hens and I produce most of what we eat, in our garden (I do preserves and dehydrating etc. etc.)
    Hope you enjoy reading this! (BTW we are in France, the cheese country, but I wasn’t born in France)

  2. Hi Gurkan,

    I recently attended your yogurt making workshop – brilliant!
    we have had success making yogurt at home, thank you for your instruction.
    I am also wondering what books/resources you recommend for bee keeping? This is something i am interested in and instead of sifting through many articles i was wondering if you could let me know the best/helpful resources for this. Thank you.


  3. Hi Gurkan,

    I am really interested in attending on of you cheese courses. I am wondering how long the camemberts made in your class take to age and are good to eat?
    Thank you.

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