Cheesemaking at home

It is easier than  you think. Many people I talked to thinks that cheese making is like rocket science and can only be done at dedicated cheese factories. That is not true. All you need is good quality milk, rennet and salt. The rest is detail.

Haloumi in brine
Haloumi in brine

I have started making cheeses at around 2009 and quickly and steadily made lots of cheeses since than. It is one of the best hobbies I have ever taken and the good thing is family and friends are also enjoying the results. I am now giving workshops in Canberra through Canberra Environment Center or to enthusiastic people at their gatherings.

I will give you guidance through this blog and answer your inquiries with recipes.

Bye for now.

Author: Gürkan Yeniçeri

IT, gardening, cooking, smoking, cheesemaking, brewing, sausage making, electronics, sci-fi

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